Meet the Team

MELCC Director – Leanne Carroll

Leanne has been  childcare industry for over 20 years. She has managed and directed centres all across Australia, working in rooms, assisting Directors and supporting employees and children.

Throughout her career, Leanne has been a part of the great changes and improvements to the practices within the early childhood industry and she is passionate about the introduction of the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework which forms the foundation for ensuring children receive the best quality of Education and care.

Leanne says: “We have an exceptional team working at MELCC. Our aim is to create a place for children to learn and grow through play. We respect and nurture the uniqueness and potential of each child and actively promote the early childhood years as a time for discovery, exploration and the development of lifelong learning skills.

We believe childhood is a time for play, and that play is the primary means through which children learn about the world, its people and their own place within it. The MELCC environment reflects a home-like feel throughout, by offering timber furniture, soft furnishings, lamps and relaxing music.
Working together with families is paramount as it enables us all to create a warm and happy environment for all children. We highly value the connection between the home, the community and the early learning centre, and have a great respect for the primary role of parents.”

She is very excited to be with Malvern Early Learning and share her experience and childcare knowledge with the team.


SCAN KALABabies room lead educator:  Kala Osborne

Kala holds a Diploma in Children’s services and has been Educating children for over 10 years. She believes that each child has their own unique way of learning and that educators have responsibility to present opportunities for children to discover through play base learning. Kala has sound knowledge of the EYLF and is enthusiastic about providing programs which reflect children’s interests and then scaffold’s their learning by providing stimulating play experiences.



Toddler room lead educator: Hansol Kim

Hansol holds a Diploma of Children’s Services. She believes that children are confident learners and promotes the strengthening of their development by focusing on their unique way of learning. Hansol endeavors to bring a delightful range of fun learning experiences that allow the children to explore together.



3 year old kinder lead educator:  Alex Cox

Alex completed her Diploma of Community Services (Children’s Services) in 2001 and in 2012 completed her Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services. Alex is lead educator at Malvern Early Learning.

Since beginning her career in the early childhood sector 13 years ago she has worked in both the Private and Not for Profit sectors. During this time she held positions in both management and as senior educator.  Alex is passionate about early childhood and believes that children are confident and capable learners when provided with learning opportunities through providing a play based curriculum.

4 year old kinder teacher: Cheryl 

Cheryl has been with MELCCC since November 2013. She graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) in 2005 and a Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) with a specialisation in Special Needs, Inclusion and Early Intervention in June 2011. She is fortunate to have taught in a variety of international school settings in Singapore, the Philippines and Australia, and has thoroughly enjoyed the diverse and multi-cultural environments.