4 Year Old Kinder

The 4 year old Kinder Room has 10 positions per day for children aged between 4 years and school age with a qualified Kinder Teacher.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 3.04.30 pmThe 4 year old Kinder Room follows a play-based, emergent curriculum and incorporates more structure within the room to prepare for school readiness. We have project work regularly throughout the year that is based on the children’s interests. Ideas and planned activities are extended intentionally and collaboratively with the children. The children have very specific tasks and responsibilities, and there are pockets of one on one teacher focused activities to assess their individual learning and development. Communication is key and we are always in contact with our families about their child’s readiness for school and school transition activities are planned to ease the move.

The current Kinder teacher is Cheryl. She says:

“My teaching philosophy has always been about respecting the individual child’s voice and their interests, supporting their social-emotional development and independence. I believe in encouraging their love for learning by incorporating a holistic, emergent and child-directed curriculum with meaningful project work within the early years setting. Emotional engagement is a powerful element of learning and I believe in bringing parts of myself into the room too – in my spare time I enjoy practising yoga, pilates, going for a run and curling up with a good book – so don’t be surprised if you find us doing some breathing exercises as part of our reflection time when you come by to visit!”

Our room philosophy and routines revolve around:

  • Independence and self-help skills
  • A sense of agency and initiative
  • Ownership for items and creations in the room (everything has a place and children know where they should live, the children have cones with their pictures on them so that they can follow through with respect for their creations)
  • Respectful relationships (we emphasize and encourage a sense of belonging and security Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 3.07.14 pmbetween the children and educators in our setting; corners have been set up to create opportunities for small/large group interactions; independent problem solving and mediation strategies are encouraged so children can negotiate through friendship issues)
  • Teacher-focused time in small group activities
  • Meaningful literacy and numeracy awareness within the room environment and everyday routines
  • Building kind, empathetic, confident and resilient individuals 
  • A love and curiosity for learning 
  • Diverse experiences and cultures that are meaningful to the children, families and community. 

A typical day in the 4 year old Kinder room:

From 7.30 am Drop off – Free playtime either indoors or outdoors
9am -10am Progressive morning tea
9am – 12pm Structured kinder program with child and educator initiated learning
12pm -1.30pm Progressive lunch and play
2pm – 4.30 pm Sessional kinder finished. Kinder program continues with project work and group time
3pm Progressive afternoon tea
4.30 – 6pm Indoor/outdoor play